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Hello, bonjour, merhaba!

...So it's not been a long time but rather a looooooooooong time. I know. I'm sorry?

It's not just deviantart- it's art in general. My last deviation was my last piece of art. It's not that I finished art, or that art finished me. But really I was engulfed with other things from mid-uni onwards.

I was having a look through my stuff the other day and it was quite nostalgic to find all my pieces and remember when/how/why I did them.
Moreover it was nice to think 'oh what happened to 'so and so'?' and snoop around all your pages to see what's going on.

In conclusion- I'm not quite sure what to do with my account. I guess it's a case of watching this space....

In other news...

I am fundraising!!

I am taking part in Islamic Relief's fund-raising challenge to fast on the 1st July to raise money for orphans. The idea: for them to get 200+ people to fast on 1st July to raise at least £325 for the cause (this is amount that will help an orphan for an entire year!)
I aim to be one of the 200+ people who do that - and I would love if you could help be a part of that:

More details…

If you're into facebook:…

It would mean a lot if you could visit my page and show any kind of support (Feel free to donate anything- seriously ANY AMOUNT is going to be appreciated- (the site accepts paypal))

Thank you :thanks:

Eitherway please do leave a comment if you are still around- it's always nice to hear from you :)


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Submitted on
May 31, 2011